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Fair Wear and Tear Policy

The following conditions must be met by the customer in order for the vehicle to be returned in fair wear and tear condition:
  1. A valid and full service history recorded and carried out by manufacturer-approved agents.
  2. All services done in accordance with manufacturer recommendations and intervals.
  3. All fixtures such as trim, badges, etc. to still be in place.
  4. Tyre tread depths, including the spare wheel, need to be a minimum of 1.6mm across the entire width.
  5. The following needs to be returned with the vehicle:
    1. Service book and any other manuals.
    2. Both sets of keys and remote devices.
    3. Spare wheel and accompanying tools, including triangle, locknuts, wheel spanner, jack, and any other standard issue equipment.

The following external and interior conditions are excluded from the definition of fair wear and tear:
  1. Any dents caused by impact damage that exceed 25mm in diameter and or where dents have penetrated through to the metal.
  2. Any broken or damaged glass (visible cracks and unrepaired windscreen chips).
  3. Any dents, damages or scratches to wheel rims that exceed 30mm in length.
  4. Any damage to the paintwork, other than stone chips and minor scratches, that exceed 30mm in length and 1mm in width.
  5. Broken, deformed or damaged bumpers, bumper protection strips, and mudflaps that are part of the bumper assembly.
  6. Any impact damage, such as holes or cracks, to the headlamps or any other lights on the vehicle.
  7. Any visible permanent stains, tears or damage, like burn marks, to the interior including but not limited to the seats, carpets, roof lining, dashboard, boot space or parcel shelf.
  8. Any impact damage or holes caused by the fitment or removal of aftermarket accessories fitted to the vehicle.
  9. Any tampering or disablement of the odometer.
  10. Torn rubber seals.
  11. Any accident or impact damage not repaired to manufacturer standard.
  12. Any rust caused by unrepaired damage or delay in repair to the paintwork/protective coating of the vehicle.
  13. Any damage outside of normal wear items, that would prevent the vehicle from passing a roadworthy test and being issued a roadworthy certificate.