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Honda Quest 2021: The Winning Team
Honda Quest 2021: The Winning Team
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Honda Quest 2021: The Winning Team


Congratulations to the winners of Honda Quest 2021: Ruan Ueckermann & Neil Rieck

They were announced at the victory ceremony on November 10, 2021 held at Kaleo Guest Farm.

This year’s pairs were particularly strong, and the 7 teams got a taste of some of the most breathtaking landscapes in South Africa whilst putting their riding skills to the test.

Just 9 days previously the 14 contestants were strangers, polite and formal around each other. Now they were unrecognisable. It wasn’t the dust and travel grime that did that, it was their true adventure journey that had irrevocably changed them.

Yuishi Fukuda, President of Honda Motor Southern Africa officially declared Ruan Ueckermann & Neil Rieck the deserved winners of Honda Quest 2021.

The final tally was so very close amongst this great group who really are the winners in this grand adventure. However, Ruan and Neil’s infectious energy, bringing a smile to everything they did and their consistency both on and off the bike saw them richly deserving of their prize of keeping and riding home on the very Honda Africa Twin that they competed on.

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