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The GP160 engine is more appropriately used for light duty applications such as home-use tillers and aerators amongst others.



The GP160 engine features an OHV design that helps improves combustion efficiency, which in turns allows for a higher compression rate to be used so you can have a greater power output but without the accumulation of carbon.


The GP160 features a quick and reliable recoil starter as well as a transistorised ignition system that reduces the hassle of starting your engine on a cold day as well as assists in the longevity of your spark plug and increased fuel efficiency.


The GP160 has a low fuel consumption rate of 1,4L/hr and is made from high quality materials and purpose-built components which ensure reliable, long-term use.


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Bore and Stroke (mm)N/A
Displacement (cc)N/A
Compression RatioN/A
Ignition SystemN/A
Starting SystemN/A
ACG OutputN/A
Oil Capacity (l)N/A
Fuel Tank Capacity (l)GP160
Air CleanerAir cooled 4-stroke OHV petrol engine, 25° inclined cylinder, horizontal shaft, cast iron sleeve.
Fuel Consumption At Rated Power163
Net Power @ 3 600rpm (kW) (in accordance with SAEJ1349)Transistorised
Net Torque @ 2 500rpm (Nm) (in accordance with SAEJ1349)Recoil starter
Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)314 x 363 x 335
Dry Weight (kg)15.1